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About Us

Berkeley Playhouse was founded in 2007 by Artistic Director, Elizabeth McKoy, a professional theatre actor, director, and teacher for over 20 years. Berkeley Playhouse produces theatre that is “intelligent, relevant, and soul-stirring.”  We bring together performers and audience members of all ages. We strive to provide experiences that fully engage performers and audiences.

Berkeley Playhouse is also a growing Conservatory for Theatre Arts. We provide classes and performance training in acting, singing, dancing, and technical theatre. Children and adults in our Conservatory receive training from the best Bay Area teaching artists – many of them directors or performers in our Mainstagel shows.

ooti-214-1A Berkeley Playhouse performance is a new type of theatre experience for many theatre-goers. Audience members are encouraged to become involved with the production on a number of levels–even before the show begins. Lobby installations invite interaction that engage all senses – touch, feel, sight, sound, art, writing, movement…This pre-show engagement deepens the audience enjoyment and understanding of the performance. Audiences are inspired to think critically, act creatively, reflect imaginatively and connect more deeply with the worlds they are about to experience. In this way a Berkeley Playhouse production redefines the way an audience experiences the theatre.  Once inside the theatre, audience members enjoy casting that is non-traditional, multicultural, and multi-generational.  And interpretations of New Works and familiar classics are alive with fresh energy and new perspectives.